about Paula

Paula Rastrick

The Brain Body Coach

Paula herself has been personally navigating her own journey working through the various challenges of perimenopause and has both the knowledge and the 'knowing' of being a woman in this life phase.

She knows exactly how it feels to be both confused and perplexed over the conflicting advice on social media and in the press. She is well known for being naturally inquisitive, a critical thinker with a logical approach as well as passionate, enthusiastic combined with an authentic, witty infectious personality. Paula has made it her personal mission to cut through the bullshit and look at the latest research and the quality of evidence, in order to empower women within this life phase.



YOUR brain is as unique and individualized as YOUR fingerprint - The nervous system controls everything we do! So therefore YOUR strength and movement training is totally unique to YOU! Human movement, posture and strength variability in each person is totally normal! We are not machines that are either broken or need fixing and correcting - This is an outdated reductionist viewpoint and no longer supported by evidence!

We are all totally unique and made up of multiple dynamic systems and strength training is therefore not just muscles and joints! We are inherently adaptable, resilient and capable and this training facilitates that - This training equips YOU for the real world! - Strong women age well!

The science and research tells us - there is no substitute for strength. Strength training has to apply load and force - body weight exercises will simply not cut it! However we are constantly bombarded and overwhelmed with multiple exercise methods and modalities!

Forces are upon us all the time - gravity // ground force - understanding forces and how to manage them is part of ‘real world’ strength! This training will do that! As we age we lose muscle mass, bone density - we have to load muscles, bones and joints! We also have to challenge the brain with new and novel movements, challenge our proprioception system and our balance system and our own belief system! - this training does all that!

This is not a ‘one size fits all, cut and paste group exercise approach! This is a science based, results driven bespoke strength and movement training programme for YOU! Your brain, YOUR mind and YOUR body!

Stop trying to fit yourself into a perfect shape, movement or method of exercise - there is no such thing! It doesn’t exist! This is a self limiting belief based an outdated myth within the fitness industry Stop copying someone and being ‘instructed' and start empowering yourself with ‘real world’ training that transfers to the demands of YOUR world and or YOUR Sport - whatever that is for YOU! Train from YOUR brain! And I will guarantee results - you will FEEL stronger, LOOK Stronger and move without fear! Age does not define your strength and movement capability! Our own self limiting beliefs do that based on individual perceptions, our previous experiences and previous injury history!

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